Electrify Brookline is a town-wide, neighborhood-based campaign to help Brookline residents transition our buildings and our vehicles from burning fossil fuels to clean, renewable electric alternatives. A series of How-To Guides, including stories of how your neighbors have made these changes, will help Brookline renters, condo-owners, landlords and homeowners plan out the steps.

The How-To Guides are available on the Town of Brookline's website.  Additional resources are available here, including FAQs, a Planning Checklist, and a guide to Financial Incentives (state and federal rebates and incentives).

Why Is This Important

Reducing our climate-damaging emissions from burning fossil fuels is a massive task that will require federal, state and local solutions. But there are individual actions that each of us can take now to reduce our emissions while making our living spaces healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient.   Massachusetts has a climate goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, and Brookline Town Meeting resolved to reach that goal locally by 2040. 

About Electrify Brookline

Electrify Brookline is a collaboration between the Town of Brookline’s Zero Emissions Advisory Board (ZEAB), Mothers Out Front Brookline and Climate Action Brookline.  Our goal is to provide clear information to guide the community on the path toward electrification — improving the energy efficiency, health and comfort of their living spaces while reducing climate-damaging emissions to preserve a livable future for all.

Looking to heat and cool your home with clean electricity instead of fossil fuels?  Green Energy Consumers has launched a new Heat Pump program designed to connect consumers with trusted expertise. As prices for heating oil and natural gas continue to respond to the worldwide supply shortage, this is a great summer to investigate whether a heat pump would make sense for your home. If you've wondered how to assess your home's suitability for heat pumps, find installers, or compare their varying bids, we recommend you register for this new program by clicking below.
Get help with heat pumps  

You can also check out the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center guide to air-source heat pumps. And watch this video to learn how three Brookline neighbors made the switch.

If you're considering an electric vehicle (EV), you can learn all about EVs and charging options here.  This informative website was built based on extensive research by Anne Lusk and was made with help from Brookline residents.

Are you concerned about climate change but don’t know what you can do to help? The town-sponsored Brookline Green Electricity (BGE) program offers residents and businesses the opportunity to choose 100% renewable electricity from local clean energy sources including wind and solar power, billed directly through your monthly Eversource bill.

It’s quick and easy and its the simplest and most cost-effective action that you can take NOW to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change. 

To choose 100% online, visit BrooklineGreen.com and click on “Enroll or Change”.  Be sure to have your Eversource electric bill in hand. When you choose 100%, something as ordinary as paying your electric bill can have an extraordinary impact on the environment.



The Select Board's Climate Action Committee (SBCAC) was established in 2015.  In 2018, the Planning Department and the SBCAC recommended an updated Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the Town made up of six strategies for both reducing climate-changing greenhouse emissions (mitigation) and preparing for climate-change impacts (adaptation).  This is a working document that will evolve frequently as Town departments, leaders, and the community collaborate on implementation.  To read more about Brookline's Climate Action Plan, click here.

The Select Board’s Climate Action Committee recommends planning to achieve zero emissions by 2050 (no reliance on fossil fuels) Town- and community-wide. Devising this roadmap, with targets for every five years, is a priority of the CAP.