More than three-quarters of Brookline 's carbon footprint is contributed by residences, so working with homeowners and renters is a major focus of CAB's efforts.

Want to know one of the easiest and most significant things you can do to help lower your carbon footprint?  Sign up for 100% renewable electricity.  It costs a little extra, but it's a great way to support renewable energy.

What else can you do?

Most of these suggestions are ones you can do whether you're a homeowner, condo owner or renter.

  • Ask MassSAVE (866-527-7283 or to conduct an energy audit on your home and then follow the recommendations they provide.
  • Heating and Cooling
    • In the winter lower your heat thermostat to 55 while you are away for two hours or more and while you are sleeping.
    • In the summer use fans instead of an air conditioner.  If you need to use an air conditioner, keep it at 70 or higher and service your air conditioner every year.
    • Turn your furnace fan from ON to AUTO.
  • Appliances
    • Adjust refrigerator settings to 37-40 F and freezer to 0-5 F.
    • Get rid of a second refrigerator and/or freezer.
    • Use a power strip to turn off your computer, TV and music system entirely.
  • Lighting
    • Turn off lights when they are not being used.
    • Replace all light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs.
    • Install motion sensor switches for outdoor lighting.
  • Water
    • Set the thermostat on your hot water heater at 120 F.
    • Wash laundry in cold water.
    • Avoid running water continuously at home.  Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. 
    • Fix leaks promptly.
    • Install low-flow shower heads to use less water.
    • Take shorter showers.
  • Patronize Brookline businesses participating in the Green Tools program, which highlights tools and products that will help home owners reduce carbon emissions and save money. Look for items that address water conservation, insulation, heating and cooling, electricity, recycling and composting, and greener paint and cleaning products. Current participants include Connelly Hardware, Aborn True Value Hardware, and Economy Hardware.  See the article from Hardware Retailing.