There has been a lot of interest in the community in the shared solar projects that are being marketed around Brookline and in Massachusetts in general.

We’ve put together a flyer explaining the nuances of the interaction between Community Shared Solar programs and Brookline Green Electricity.

CSS, in most instances, is approved under the Massachusetts’ SMART program, which provides incentives for solar development in the state. As of November 21, 2020, the State of Massachusetts reports that the following companies have a Community Shared Solar or Low-Income Community Shared Solar project in operation under the SMART Program. 

  • Aquantum Solutions, BlueWave, Citizens Energy Corporation, Clearway Energy Group, Consolidated Edison Development, Ecogy MA, Fitchburg Renewables, Green Earth Energy PhotoVoltaic Corporation, Helio Energy, Independence Solar, Key Solar, Lodestar Energy, Madison Energy Investments, MassAmerican Energy, My Generation Energy, Nexamp, NextGrid, Resonant Energy, SunRaise Investments, Sunwealth, Syncarpha, Team Solar, Wales Solar   
  • This partial list was extracted from the worksheet compiled by the SMART program.